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Once Upon a Time...again.

Need to catch up on Once upon a Time episodes (so am going to buy S1 this week)...but the description on my cable for the Season Two pilot of Once upon a Time is curious:
The fairytale people have all regained their memories/lives now that the Curse no longer applies.

But wouldn't this present a highly-attractive lure to pretty much any nation on Earth? Think about how many fairytales involve either feasts & bounties, famines & plagues, destructive monsters, and answers to previously unsolved questions...

* the "little goat if you are able, please prepare my little table" could end a famine.
* send out Smaug or another dragon, and an enemy nation could be reduced to a pile of shiny valuables.
* put some of your spies in mirrors and shiny surfaces, like Genie/Glass was, and you've gotten closer to Big Brother than any cameras could achieve.

...and that doesn't touch on things like nationalism (though i admit maybe late s1 did and I just didn't see it), when I was researching for my Big Bang fic, I noticed culture heroes tended to recurr a lot - would Saint Patrick take the side of Northern Ireland? would Paul Bunyan and Babe (the Blue Ox) be Republicans? - or would the fairytale people just hide within the borders of Storybrooke?
(in my Big Bang fic, I had the Snark (and more than a Snark) be an FBI employee)

Granted, who would have jurisdiction in Storybrooke - the FBI or the CIA?

So, all in all, I'm looking forwards to finishing watching Season One and beginning to watch Season Two of Once upon a Time.
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