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OUAT fic: "After Broken: What the storm left"

Series: After Broken.
Companion to Midas and Nurse Cassandra and Irene Adler.
the series is a set of snapshots of various characters after the pilot episode of season 2.

Title: What the storm left.
Summary: Irene gives Henry the second book with a warning -- and Emma questions Enkindu and Aurora.
Characters: Henry (the Younger), Irene Adler|Jane White; Aurora, Mulan, Enkindu, Snow White|Mary Margaret, Emma.
Rating: PG
Spoilers: 1.01, s1 finale, 2.01, 2.02.
Disclaimer: I own none of them.
Tags: emma swan, enkindu, gilgamesh, henry, irene adler, mulan, once upon a time, once upon a time fanfiction, series, snow
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