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Meme: belated meme answers

A while back, I made a list of 15 characters...(here)...

my apologies for taking so long to re-find the paper I had the answers written on.

here are the answers, and links to the drabbles written for them:

1. Dr. Daniel Pierce. {Perception}
2. Ancient Mai. {Dresden Files}
3. Neal Caffrey. {White Collar}
4. Cal Lightman. {Lie to Me}
5. H.G. Wells. {Warehouse 13}
6. Tom {Falling Skies}
7. Rosalee Calvert {Grimm}
8. Kono {Hawaii 5-0}
9. Helen Cutter {Primeval}
10. Gerry Standing {New Tricks}
11. Jason Bourne. {Bourne series of films}
12. Dusty Mehra. {Stargate:Atlantis}
13. William Murdoch. {Murdoch Mysteries}
14. Nikki Parrish. {Bourne series of films}
15. The Archive. {Dresden Files}

a) 3 to kiss 4.

b) 5 & 8 to play naked twister.

c) 2 & 9 bust 14 out of prison.
Tags: drabbles, h.g., h.g.wells, hawaii 5-0 fanfiction, hawaii five-0 fanfiction, helen, helen cutter, kono, kono kalakaua, meme, nicki, nicky parsons, nikki, primeval fanfiction, reply, the dresden files fanfiction, warehouse 13 fanfiction
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