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Grimm ep

I like Hank's "not all wesen are bad guys."

* when they kissed, I thought it was going to turn out to be just in Renard's mind.

* aaand Nick's slide off the rails of sanity and responsibility goes a little further this week. (aided and abbetted by Monroe)

* seriously, Nick? you just toss a crossbow onto your back seat? (under the seat, fine, but ON it?)

* "No wonder he confessed." *nods*

* hm, wonder how many wesen (and grimms and The Families) recognized the image.

* "Everything's fine. Unless its the end of the world."
definately need to make that into an icon.

* Episodes like this, make me suspect that for a lot of wesen, the Families are a neccessary evil - something to protect them from the Grimms.

* the 4th Crusade? wasn't that...yeah, the coins. hm.

* oh great, an alcoholic self-loathing Grimm. maybe its a good thing she's a couch potatoe - she'd be dangerous.

* so, what are these guys? an offshoot of the Grimm organization? what happens to Grimms who get promoted? or are they people who want to emulate the Grimms? (True Believers are the most dangerous, right?)

* granted, if they aren't true Grimms (or the kid isn't one, anyway), then how do they pick their victims? (watching Nick's reactions to them might help, granted)

* wait...a a a...wait, didn't they make a movie about a being like this? *checks IMDB*

...yep: The Leech Woman.

* this episode nicely answers one of the questions I had...about possible reasons why a wesen would think himself a Grimm.
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