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Meme: The tvtropes & cliches meme

trying out a new meme thing from Awanderingbard...

Give me a number from the list below, a fandom and a character/characters/a pairing and I'll write you a short fic or fic excerpt.

(with brief explanations. Actual fics will probably vary)

1. Christmas/Holiday Episode
(Happy Christmas and/or Generically Theme Festivites, everyone!)
2. Emergency Baby Delivery
(Oh no, this woman is going to labour in a bank! There's for some reason no time to get to hospital! We have to deliver this child now!)
3. Childhood/Highschool flashback
(Hey, remember that time that thing happened when you were little? No? Maybe these wavy lines and child actors who look a bit like you will help)
4. Trapped in an Elevator
(Damn, we are enclosed in a small space with no way out! This is your fault, other character!)
5. Visit from Relatives
(Oh look, my previously never mentioned sister is here to visit! Good thing I've cleared my schedule for shenanigans.)
6. Outside POV Episode
(Remember that guy who opened the door in episode three? Let's find out his perspective on the main cast.)
7. Fundraiser Carnival
(kissing booths, dunk tanks, etc. It's for charity!)
8. Birthday Party
(Surprise! We totally didn't forget your birthday, silly! We were just being vague and uninterested to hide the fact that we were throwing you a birthday party!)
9. Vacation Episode
(We're going to Italy! Because... we have some extra money in the budget to film on location somewhere and it wasn't going to be Canada in January.)
10. Temporary Character Replacement
(Oh, is Main Character's actor unavailable? No worries, we'll bring in this secondary character to play his usual archetype. No one will be upset, I'm sure.)

All my usual fandoms are open, anything from the sidebar, and I'm willing to take 007 and The Avengers out for a spin. Some fandoms might be rusty or shaky, but I'll give them a go.
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