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Thank you, secret santa!

edit: PS.

In my AO3, I recieved these fine gifts:

* Elementary fandom - Solve for X. The awesomeness of Joan Watson, and Sherlock's many thoughts on how to get her to not leave. Includes bits of cases on- and offscreen.
Official Summary: Their relationship as it stands has one mathematical certainty: It will end in twenty-five days.

At that time, her sojourn as his sober companion will end. Either Watson will pass out of his life forever, or Holmes will have to devise another option.

* Penguins of Madagascar fandom - The Ornithorhyncus Affair. Julien panics, Mort goes ape, Kowalski has a confession, and Marlene gets woken up. And then the platypus really gets moving.
Official Summary: The zoo is visited by a strange creature who bears a striking resemblance to Marlene.

(I may have squeed, they're very good)
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