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OUAT episode: "The Cricket Game" a review

* "Is she broken?" does this hearken back to the postcard with the one word 'BROKEN' ?

* I get the feeling that that's not something Henry would've walked in on when Regina had custody. :)

* Uh, Charming, who do you think watched Henry when you were in a sleeping curse?

* ooh, I see a swan. :)

* whose knights are those at the table?

* "You got your PhD from a curse." At last an acknowledgement of the problem in Storybrooke's residents. {eg, is Snow a member of the teachers' union?}

* She changed back awfully fast after entering that alley.

* "...and I'm doing it" also because she knows you never go to school if someone only asks you, Henry.

* "Why should this time be any different?" because she could've slammed you into a wall for that - and didn't.

* if Snow hadn't said "STOP!", would Rumplestiltskin have saved her?

* I wonder if Regina let herself be captured by Snow's army. question is, why?
(shades of the Rumplestiltskin revelation in the prior ep)

* "Maybe that;s the problem." bingo.

* "Exactly, that you've seen.' *nods*

* wait, are they saying that Charming still hasn't killed anyone? (i guess sirens don't count)

* "Will it." and she knows how?

* Emma, you didn't finish watching. you missed the purple cloud!

* a new batch of fairy dust? then what was that kerfuffle before?

* "That was an assassination, this is an execution." and the difference is...?

* a stage prop knife?

* "We wanted to give you a chance to change." yeah right. we???

amazing how his story changes, when there are witnesses.

* "We didn't trust Gold. That's why Emma used magic." yeah, and whose magical device did she use? who walked her through the whole thing? any half-decent lawyer could tear holes in that statement, Charming.

* this is one of those times I wonder why Regina stays in that town.

* case in point, with her in the car. just drive at the Boundary.

* so, Cora knows he's a cricket?

* wonder how long it takes anyone to notice somebody's missing. {did she use the guy she fished?}
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