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OUAT ep "The Miller's Daughter"

so, Emma, which was more unsettling - walking in on your parents in bed, or overhearing Gold's conversation with Belle and Neal?

(if it didn't have to be that one specific dagger, I suspect Neal would have become the next Dark One right then and there)

Not sure I like Emma's response -- if Gold weren't Henry's grandfather, her response suggests she would just let Gold die.

I bet that if Gold does die, Hook will become the Dark One - that's the deal, after all, right? Whomever kills the Dark One, becomes the Dark One. There's no restriction about proximity or time, after all.

I'm still shocked it wasn't in his cane - when has he ever been sans cane?

Ah, so Charming has no problem with Cora being killed, so long as Snow doesn't do it. how positively regal of him; then again, Bathsheeba's husband...

wow...and I thought tall people shrank in my family. Regina's dad lost a foot at least. {i speak of Henry Sr!}

"I - no, what?"

Snow wants to "make Cora do the right thing"?? Yeah, and how long will that last? You have to put the heart down sooner or later, Snow. And when you do...

I know its your first spell, Emma; but if Cora can spin pure gold thread for her first spell, then surely you could have cast a more protective wall around Henry than you did.

Wait, is this why Rumplestiltskin once told Regina that she didn't need to say anything at all, to summon him?

I'm almost afraid to many people in FTL are descendants of Rumplestiltskin?

"Your dad's girlfriend." oh, I think Neal's expression was pretty good when he heard that, yes?

I believe the expression is "Daaaaamn girl!" Giving Regina all those rationalizations right after setting her off-balance with the offering of the heartbox to Regina. "Your choice."
(riiight. if that's not a bit of Darkness on Snow's part, i'll eat my hat)

I'm kinda surprised Cora didn't say "Why should I chose between love and power, when I can have both?"

but this is perfect, Regina! given Henry's dislike of you doing Black Magic, he can only condemn Snow for what she's done.
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