rodlox (rodlox) wrote,

tonight's new _Revolution_

* hopefully, we get to see Priscilla again!

* RIP, Emma.

...I think the expression is "and with that shot, the last vestige of humanity died in Monroe". (he told her it was already dead, but if it had, why would he bother to say so?)

* okay, I can see why she didn't tell Monroe while he was at Basic Training... but why didn't she mention their son after he arrived in a helicopter?

* imho, she would've been a great First Lady of the Republic. (and hopefully could have moderated some of Monroe's excesses)

* heck, for Emma (and maybe son), Monroe might have been persuaded to call off the ambush and kill Miles some other time.
emphasis on might, I know.

Tags: episode, episode review, revolution
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