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Thoughts on the OUAT s2 finale: "and straight on to morning"

*and now Hook's thinking "what're the odds of two Baelfires"

* and Gold's thinking...*splat*

(if that wasn't just in Gold's mind, shouldn't Granny's ears have heard the rope fraying that fast?)

* and Henry is, per usual, oblivious.

* Baelfire gets to have adventures with Mulan and Aurora (and whomever they picked up)...YAY!

* Belle's comment about the future, makes me wonder if she's encountered The Time Traveler.

* I wonder what this episode would have been like, if there hadn't been a season 3 approved.

* Snow and Charming finally see the folly of always swanning off to Rumplestiltskin when they need help. (yes, I punned it) :P

* if you're not afraid to die for your cause, why are you running away? {isn't that the usual taunt lobbed at Bad Guys?}

* "rather redundant, isn't it?" Yes, Hook, it would be.

* more proof Regina's a great mom.
(she just has the unfortunate habit of shooting herself in the foot)

* ah, Hook's rationalizing again - this time for a reason not to hand over Bae to Him.

* really? seriously, they bought that claim by Mother Superior about having just now discovered the final component? I'm with Gold - rather convenient that its at the 11th hour.

* Yay! a reminder that, whether they like it or not, Rumplestiltskin and Grumpy still have Belle in common.
(question is, when will she get it?)

* is Hook's hook making the wood...smoke?

* I wonder if we get to meet Hook's dad.
(wasn't one of Ahab's crew a criminal?)

* we each have motivation, Charming; be satisfied with that.
(kinda surprised Hook didn't stab Greg in the hand)

* I have a hunch that part of Hook's inner motivation is to re-find Baelfire.

* "You're not coming with us?" c'mon, Emma, what kind of reception would she get? in both our worlds, tis easier to speak kindly of the dead.

* though I AM VERY surprised at Emma - I thought she was going in the tunnels so she could use her magic too.

* I thought that Lacey was going to drink and become Belle, and Gold was going to drink, and become Rumplestiltskin, fancy suits, golden skin and all.

* yes, Snow, you did open a portal to get the wraith out of our world - where it promptly killed Philip, and scarred Aurora and Mulan.

...and you think its a good idea to repeat the process with a self-destruct? cue a season 3 where someones/somethings come and want revenge for the destruction to their world.

* a new start built on Regina's blood; I suspect Snow and Archie would be the only FTL-ers who actually have a problem with that prospect.

* why didn't Hook mention that Rumplestiltskin took his hand when he took Milah's heart?

* when Hook offered to change, I thought Bae was going to say "yeah, my dad made the same claim."

* it was annoying when Henry Jr did it, its annoying when Baelfire does it: yells that he wants nothing to do with someone, calls them everything short of evil - and then gets offended and insulting when {the person he was just yelling at} doesn't stop him being captured.

* why are they still in the cavern with Regina?

...oh, that's why.
(love the hug)

* that's IT??

(given the number of magic-users Regina had put in Storybrooke, the ease with which the Destroying Stone can be overpowered is kinda...underwhelming)

* I thought Hook was going to take Henry, maybe try again at being the sort of family he and Milah had planned - failed once with Baelfire, try again with Bae's boy.

* prediction: Hook saves Henry from Greg and Tamara.

...maybe then makes their escape with that bean.

......and s3 begins with an alliance of Snow and Regina and Emma to recover Henry.

* "I'll track them down in Hell if I have to." paging Dean Winchester, somebody needs

* "You're the Dark One, do something." aaand we're back to the old orders.

* when Hook is coming off his ship, he seems to be limping. when did his leg get injured?

* I was kinda wondering how a spherical globe was going to show which world Henry was on.
(am surprised, though, that the world wasn't FTL, given that that's where Bae is)

* He the one giving Greg & Tamara's organization its orders?

* is Peter Pan one name, or is it a title held by multiple boys?
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