rodlox (rodlox) wrote,

wait, what did Murdoch just do?

spoiler for season 5 of The Murdoch Mysteries' season finale...

It was a great episode (interesting resolution, and giving a bit of a history to one of the recurring characters), as its been a neat season.

Was discussing with my parents as to just who would have run Station #4 if Brackenreid had moved - 1.01 established that Murdoch couldn't get it, and my dad thought George would be named Captain. {um, no}

then we get to the other matter...
The way Darcy worded it, I thought "are you telling Julia you don't mind her having an affair with Murdoch?" (she and William have seen that sort of thing before in their casework - a husband and wife basically living two separate lives but remaining married)

...and its not without precedent in Julia's relationship with Darcy - a great deal {not all, i grant} of what Darcy's done for Julia has been to benefit her...moving so she can live and work where she wants, making excuses so she doesn't have to attend various functions, etc.

and then "Darcy and I have separated."

...and the only thing I could think of was That Woman (Wallace Simpson, not Irene Adler *g*).....did Catholics have the same attitude as the Anglicans when it came to divorcees and separations?

Curious how they'll handle Season Six.
Tags: episode, episode review, finale, murdoch mysteries, the murdoch mysteries
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