rodlox (rodlox) wrote,

Movie review: The Railroad Man

I saw The Railroad Man today.
(no closed captions, so i don't doubt I missed a fair amount)

I highly reccommend this movie. Just don't take small children to see it.

I can't say too much about this movie without either spoiling it for you, or accidentally misleading you as to what its about.
{ie, i could say "what do you do when you want to help someone you love?"...but its about more than that. I could say "some people like trains"...and that's half the story, but not the half you think it is}

Just please, go see this movie. (based on a true story, and we get to see the real people at the end of the film)...and buy the DVD; I will.
Tags: history, movie, movie reviews, review, the railroad man, the railroad men, trains
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