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My thoughts on OUAT's "The Snow Queen"

Season 4, yes? I'd be more certain, if mid-season breaks didn't sometimes get as long as between-season breaks. {others are worse than OUAT, i grant you}

I liked the answered lingering questions I had.

* one of which concerned how Robin and Marian met.

* even when you think Robin hasn't noticed, he has.


* "Because today is not one of those days."
part of me swears that that's from one of the various Robin Hood movies. is it?

* bingo! people haven't feared Emma because The Savior almost never used magic in public. (and any who might've said something, kept quiet because Emma's parents were their king and queen)

* so, basically...the Snow Queen just uncorked Emma and her powers?

* *groans* good there anything that Rumplestiltskin hasn't caused?

* how much you want to bet that Gold knows exactly why his grandson is working at the shop? :)

* so help me if the price is Henry's life (again)
{Belle's, this time, maybe?}

* another reason to hate Weselton. {if that guy wasn't doing an Alan Tudyk impression the entire time, I'd be very surprised}

* it's very awkward when the baddies have a good point: "the kingdom will love my sister!" "then why has she been hidden?"

* ah, one good thing to come from her deal with Rumplestiltskin - she therefore had a reason to find out what makes him tick: the Dagger.
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