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Pretty good, as (mid)season openers go.

* now THAT'S character development - we can well remember a time when such a scene between Hook and Belle would have been considered massively OOC.

* I honestly thought the Chernabog and them were going to come to an understanding: offer him a more evil heart than the three of them have (Rumplestiltskin or Pan or whomever)

* speaking of, what happened to Ursula? last we saw her, she threatened to swat Regina like a fly (and was practically a god-myth herself; Ursula, that is)

...please don't tell me she's another one of Rumplestiltskin's students.

* hm, so Snow's threatening to kill Ursula and Cruella if either says they remember Snow or Charming...what about if Aurora or Ruby or Ariel (etc) says "but Snow, you said you ran into them in the Enchanted Forest" ?


* it was fun, watching Henry corner the Blue Fairy - first in a question, then sitting next to her so she couldn't leave.
a hunch: she's the Author - you can't meet yourself, after all

* I'm wondering what could possibly be so bad that neither Snow nor Charming want anyone to say anything (given that Snow's heart only darkened when she killed Cora - or was that the first time anyone noticed it?)

* so, they need to act as though they want to be redeemed, while also covertly helping Rumplestiltskin? please tell me that at least Regina was paying attention when Cora did that.

* which opens the door for the perfect revenge against Gold: don't help him, covertly or otherwise.
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