rodlox (rodlox) wrote,

An oddness in the new Arrow

There's a line from the film 'The Arrival' which is particularly appropriate: "What it would take you 100 years to do, we can do in 10."

And that seems to be the aim of the end-of-episode twist of this recent episode of 'Arrow' accelerate the timetable that Ra's Al Ghul mentioned (that the Arrow will be once more alone)

But it makes no sense - that process had already begun (the police returning to a policy of keeping him at arms length) . . . and when you're an immortal, You - Can - Wait.


Unless Ra's Al Ghull doesn't really want Oliver Queen to succeed him...but in fact wants Nyssa Al Ghul to prove herself worthy once more to be his successor.
Tags: arrow, episode, nyssa al ghul, ra's al ghul, speculation
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