rodlox (rodlox) wrote,

Tonight's all-new Grimm...

oh dear.

* First, I liked the twist at the end of the episode...she could probably get away with people assuming its a chemical burn or a tattoo.

* Definately LOVED Juliette's cheer-up-and-go-hunting lines to Nick!

* "It can't get any worse than it already is." That's something of this show's refrain - and then they show how much worse it can get.

* Honestly, I thought Viktor's replacement was going to be a woman...possibly the same one people have been whispering has a past with Renard.

* "I don't know much about his branch of the family." His branch? You all share a father (part of me wonders if Kenneth is part-wesen, alluded to when Viktor said that those who disproved of Renard's nature were all dead - and that the make-up of the Family now would surprise Renard)
...his "you went there" kinda suggested it to me.

* "How important *I*am* to the Family." Yeah, your half-brothers thought the same about themselves, dude.

* cool that there's more than one kind of woge-reaction (or reaction-woge). though after what happened last week, I don't think Rosalee's letting Monroe out of her sight.

* um...what happened to the dream sequence the previews had for tonight's episode?
Tags: grimm, meta, speculation, wesen
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