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Going Camping with the Grimms

and to think, just this past week, I found a new Grimm book containing someone Monroe knew before his reforms.

* coolness, a multi-(ethnic) campout. in-universe, is it multi-ethnic if they're different types of Wesen?

* a first little woge. :)

* if campgrounds like that were common when Monroe was growing up, that may've been a revival too -- German wasn't exactly a populuar language or pastime during WW1, and probably any return was cut short by WW2, so, yeah, Monroe's childhood.

* the look on Adalind's face when Kenneth is leaving the that disgust, i'm-going-to-vomit, shock, or something else?

* Monroe's famous too? that must've taken them all by surprise. :)

* "So this is what a Grimm looks like." Best Line Of The Show!

* so, did the Captain commit that murder, witness it, or was the murder/witnessing done by the owner of those red arms?

* "I feel partly responsible." "You are. But I don't blame you."

* is it just me, or does anyone else hear a heart loudly beating, while Juliette is talking to Kenneth?

* oh I think I know where this is going: Adalind's going to go to Nick to warn him of Kenneth and the impending plan to turn Juliette against Nick.

...while Juliette is released from prison, and sees pregnant!Adalind standing there, talking with Nick.

...and suddenly Juliette thinks of things like how Nick can't look Juliette in the eye...and starts thinking that its because Nick is with Adalind now.

* congrats, Monroe...guest lecturer!

* my hunch: its the daughter...the lowen who is hunting humans.

* in a way, turning to Nick makes complete sense: in the Grimm-verse, he's the only person who's anywhere close to being undefeated and undefeatable. if you're looking for someone to save/protect you and your family, he's perfect.

* and Hank and Wu both look at the Captain, with a clear "wha??" on their faces.

* ohh Adalind's definitely got motivation to make sure the hexenbiest-suppressing potion works.

* it almost doesn't matter if Nick's mom is the protective sort -- 1. her behavior pre-Diana doesn't reflect well on her, yet, 2. priorities and importances have shifted, so Diana's safety trumps Nick's, 3. even if Nick's mum shows up, that doesn't mean she'll bring Diana with her...

...or even have Diana anymore.

* I wonder if Juliette realizes that the Family is utilizing her, just as they utilized Adalind.

* the look the Captain had, when Juliette walked right past him, while Adalind was back with Nick...

* the way Monroe was getting, when he talked about blood in the throat...methinks he's going to relapse, however briefly.

* Rosalee will probably join Team Juliette, even if it means (potentially) siding against Team Grimm.

,, will Monroe be on Team Grimm or Team Juliette?

* aaand Nick's Grimmness wasn't needed for the confrontation with the Wesen Of The Week!

* kinda was thinking that Juliette's call to Nick was going to be "Nick, I went up to the trailer, and it is burning".

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