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"Headache" - boy was that Grimm named right

the following is a very very short review of the episode, with my speculation as to why some characters seemed to have shut their brains off:

* Hey, Trubel's back! And with new boots?
(why didn't she let everyone else come back to the house? after all, she outright said there were a lot of strange people there; at the very least, bring all the cops)

* please tell me that's not coincidence - that the box is a direct reference to the last we saw of the Reapers.

* Rosalee continues to impress. Mesuspects that Renard's going to have bite marks there for quite a while.

* I completely agree with the look Adalind gave Nick, the *yes, that would explain it - you idiot, you had ONE simple job*

* 1st: Kelly Burkhardt. Grimm of Grimms, terror of wesen, slayer of hexenbiests. Walked from her car to a house with seemingly no recon, and carried something she knows to be highly valuable.

Speculation: Diana Adalindsdaughter (Schade) is now as powerless as her mother...either due to something Kelly did, or because Adalind's powerless again.

( this would also explain why Diana did nothing during the attack. I mean, this kid's been known to splatter people through walls, if they so much as looked at her funny -- yet she does nothing while her protector is being attacked less than ten feet away (and probably even closer during the first part of the fight))

* 2nd: Juliette Silverton. Has she not figured out that that's exactly what Adalind did? Or is that an instinct in hexanbiests, to solidify loyalty?
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