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Primeval 2x02 (part 1)

Primeval episode 8 - or episode 2 of series 2

...aka, What the hell happened to Helen Cutter??

* that? is? is! Helen!
but wait, ep7 established that Nick and Helen were teh only ones unchanged by the altered timeline. so either one of two things is happening here:
- there are now two Helens, one endemic to each timeline.
- this Helen is from earlier/later in the 8+ years than the series1 Helen is from.

I know back at the start of series One, I made a remark or two about the odds of keeping the same change of clothes perfectly good for eight years...but this is rediculous.

* just a hunch, this Helen may be early in the first few years -- so it isn't certain whether or not this is before or during her death
{reference: ep 3 - "I am dead as the person you knew"}

* eggs = lunch!

* what the...? do pteradons have envenomating claws? why'd she do what she did? oh God, that had to hurt with the knife!

* hm, so not only do they keep the dodo on the opening credits, they also keep the bat.

am I detecting a theme here? (flight)

* Cutter's at the computer, probably seeing what else has changed.

* "probably gonna have to save the world again before bedtime"...I know I've heard that before, but I can't quite place it.

* oh my...does Lester have a crush on Jenny?
(yes, Jenny; I apologize for mishearing her name as Penny)

* that secretary's got quite an accent...sounds like a thicker version of Anne Cartwright's on Life On Mars

* question - how did the Creature get out of the room before the guy opened its door?

* "we didn't detect it before, because we weren't looking for it." very concise.

* why was there green slime on his face?

* is that a ...? yes, yes, it does seem to be a yellow submarine. :D

* The Palace sounds interesting.

(though the commercial initially suggested - and I forget the title - the (BBC/?/Masterpiece Theater) presentation focusing on the mentally-disabled brother of the Prince back in the early 1900s (had a visit by their German and Russian cousins))

* Connor's like "holy - someone who likes my stuff!"

* Helen's at Stephen's place...are there two separate Anomalies? here I thought I was taking liberties with physics, having that happen in "Round about and watery."

* what did he say?:
"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to hurt you."
"But you did. (?) You always do."

* "she picked you up?" you can just hear Abby laughing on the inside. :D

* writing on the hand...didya pick that up from we Colonials, lass? ;)

* Helen's got a healed scar on her right shoulderblade.

* Pre-Cambrian?
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