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Primeval drabble: "Stephen's thoughts"

Title: Stephen’s thoughts.
Rating: PG. (pg13 for one bad word)
Warnings: “damn”
Pairings: none.
Characters: Stephen.
Spoilers: faint and passing one for 2.03.
Genre: Contemplative.
Word Count: 114.

Disclaimer: I own none of the characters or species (except for the ubermarmot, which is free to a good home)
Short Summary: Stephen’s musings about the ARC’s secrecy and if it’s really needed.

He used to think the rank and file of mankind were being willfully blind, happy to accept other explanations – proffered or no (sabertooth cats as the product of genetic experimentation, eohippus as a rare breed of horse, diatryma as a newly-discovered gift from a Laotian headman to Queen Elizabeth II – and damn that it got loose!)

But lately, life’s been casting doubt upon that -(chalicotheres and moschops and boomerang-headed amphibians that aren’t salamanders – not really – and glibbering ubermarmots from the future)- so much so, in fact, that he wonders what the point is.

Don’t keep the secret a secret. Just don’t tell anybody.

Nobody would know the difference. Just as nobody notices it now.

The End
Tags: conspiracy, crossover, primeval, primeval drabble, primeval fanfiction
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