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"Owen and Annie" (Torchwood/Being Human) PG-13

Title: Owen and Annie
Author: Keenir
Pairing(s): Owen/Annie
Character(s): Annie, George; Toshiko, Sally, Owen.
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: I own none of them.
Summary: Torchwood and UNIT converge on a house that meant a lot to Owen…and look who they find there!
Author's notes: If anyone wants to pick this up and run with it, you have my blessing to do so.


“Thanks again for letting me accompany you,” Sally Sparrow said.

“Not a problem,” Tosh said, pointedly not asking why the two women had to carry all the equipment, even if it was hidden away in knapsacks. Unlike Sally, she had access to the records of everyone in Torchwood and in UNIT – access that went deeper than most people thought. Her and Sally did have one thing in common, though – the words ‘has met and dealt with the Doctor’ were in large print in both their files.

Owen was with them in body, but his mind was rather busy, dealing with the fact that the place the three of them were going to investigate…was where Owen had lost his fiancé.

Having been part of Torchwood at the time, Tosh had seen firsthand what had happened.

Owen had gone from being semi-involved (saying he was a consultant) and firmly committed to one girl, to burying himself in Torchwood matters and in the arms of any woman who’d have him. All resultant from one death. A death that, in Owen’s internal logic, had been reason for him to quit his part-time jobs at hospital and as a radio personality.

And now, to have to see just what was causing reports of ghosts in that very house… Tosh shook her head, not envying Owen one red cent.

“Gelph?” Sally asked, having been reading up on these things since being recruited by UNIT.

“Maybe,” Tosh said. “Or maybe Cybermen.” Canary Bay was still a bitter memory.

Sally knocked on the front door. When an answer came – complete with the door being opened by a young man - “Hello,” Sally said. “I’m Sally, this is Toshiko, and this is Owen.”

“Name’s George,” said the man at the door. “Something I can do for you folks?” cheerful, and looking readily helpful.

Always a good sign. “Yes,” Tosh said, “we’re just checking up on reports made.”

“Reports?” George asked, his grip on the door handle tightening just slightly – but definitely perceptible to a girl who’d been trained not to blink, to a man who’d done surgery on aliens, and to a girl brought up by UNIT (and had dissected fake aliens).

“You know,” Sally said, trying to josh about it, “ghosts.”

“Ghosts?” relaxing a bit, but not much. “People say they’ve seen ghosts around here?”

“Well, not ghosts per se. But strange things – supernatural, some say.”

The nervousness returned, infecting George’s voice now. “Really?”

“Probably nothing,” Owen said. “But we’re civil servants, so we’ve got to go where we’re sent and do what we’re told.”

It took a lot of effort for Tosh not to snort at Owen’s tone.

“Bloody…” Owen said, staring at something behind George. “Annie?”

George turned around, and, sure enough, she was standing there, checking to see who’d knocked. Turning back to Owen, “You can see her?” George asked.

“Of course I can see her!” Owen snapped at him. Owen managed to say, “You’re alive,” to Annie, in a rather surprised breathy whisper.

“Um…” Annie said, “about that…”
The End
Tags: annie, being human, being human fanfiction, blink, crossover, sally sparrow, torchwood, torchwood fanfiction
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