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Torchwood drabble: "To remember" ('Adam' spoiler)

Title: To remember
Tosh's POV during Adam
Disclaimer: I own none of the characters.
warning: Tosh is rather peeved in this. she even pulls an Owen - she curses!


You want me to remember, Jack? You never even notice I exist until I end up in peril or until you want something.

Not that those're any novelty - it's the story of my life, really. 'Could you help me with my maths, Tos'?'...and ignore me when it wouldn't kill your popularity to so much as say Hi.

Nobody came to my flatwarming, either, Jack.

What do you want me to remember, Jack? That my own mother's been under UNIT house arrest my entire life?

Reality's as miserable as any lie. Is that what you want me to remember?

"Remember." I do, damn you.
Tags: torchwood, torchwood fanfiction, tosh, toshiko
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