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Them, a dresden files fanfic

Title: Them!

Author: Keenir.

contains a reference to Book-Murphy, but is 99% tv-Murphy.

Summary: in the wake of ‘The Other Dick,’ Harry stumbles upon something that scares him.
POV: Harry Dresden’s.

Author’s Notes: How did this happen? I leave these two alone for two minutes – so I can work on a Dresden/Potter crossover – and next thing I know…this happens!


I had a feeling – you know, a feeling – so I eased open my front door silently. That’s when I heard the most horrific sound of my life, and believe you me, I’ve heard some whoppers.

Now don’t get me wrong, Murphy’s got a terrific laugh. I don’t hear it that often, I’ll grant you that. She’s better than angels singing…wait, that’s not saying much.
What scared the hell out of me is the sound of Murphy and Bob laughing together.
“And then,” Bob told her, “he looked up at me with –“

“I can guess,” Murphy said, the belly rolls all but pouring outta her. “He looked like he was going to ask ‘Now what do I do?’ right?”

“No, that was my expression at the time: what was I to do with him. Harry tried to look innocent –“ and it never fails to amaze me how Murphy manages produce such snorts with that little nose of hers, “- and asked me ‘What?’” which just set off another bout of their shared laughter.

Murphy’s hand comes down alongside Bob’s. Narrow miss. Murphy’s a great person, but one of her is plenty! “Hey guys,” I say, conversationally, as though I haven’t just seen and heard what I just saw and heard.
The End
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