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Numb3rs drabble: "Semantics changes the word, not the action"

I think it took me longer to find the names than to write this. ;)

Title: “Semantics means the word changes, but not the action.”
Fandom: Numb3rs
prompt: #053: Support

Cannon Characters: Amita Ramanujan,
OCs: Mādhava Ramanujan, Martha Ramanujan.
Word count: 204.
Author: Keenir.
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: Black Swan.
Summary: What might happen next.

Author’s note: Mādhava insisted on that last sentence. And here I thought it was just my Amita-muse dictating this drabble to me.

I gave Amita’s dad that name deliberately:
(as for the mom, I assume she’s from Goa)

They’d meant for it to be a surprise, flying in the next day. And oh was it a surprise! (Fortunately, not the same sort Alan had when he’d walked in on…)

But, in the effusiveness and outpouring of warmth and chatter, one salient fact fell from Amita’s mouth: the waffles yesterday.

Suddenly, abruptly, Mādhava and Martha Ramanujan went still, silent.

“Well,” Martha said to her daughter.

Amita swallowed nervously; Dad was the traditionalist, but Mom was the proverbial sack of falling bricks. And as Alan said, when the momma ain’t happy… “You weren’t here,” Amita says, pleading. “I didn’t know he was going to - He thought it would cheer me up.”

“That,” her father said, “is the only point in his favor.”

“While it seems he,” Martha said, “is more in our daughter’s favor than we are.”

Please, Amita thought, please don’t do this. “Could you just meet him? Just the once, say Hi to Charlie? I’ll come with you if you want, I’ll wait at the hotel if you want.”

“I will,” Mādhava said. “I will meet with him.” To Martha, “Wait in the hotel room if you so wish it.” To the both of them, “He loves my daughter, after all.”
The End

Tags: amita, drabble, numb3rs, numb3rs fanfiction
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