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"Three people Dani Reese has never called" (edited)

Title: Three People Dani Reese Has Never Called (okay, 2.5)
Summary: Some people Dani has never had occasion to phone up and chat with. And one person she prefers not to.
Fandom: Life
Characters: Dani, Jack, Dexter, Amita.
Author: Keenir.
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: episodes 1, 7, 11
Disclaimer: I own none of them. Seriously!

1 Dexter Morgan

Dani sighed, venting as much frustration as could fit in that one breath. It wasn’t enough. It couldn’t possibly be enough. Three days on the beat with Crews - Detective Crews, she corrected herself – and she was starting to think fondly of the bottle.

No way in hell am I falling off the wagon, she told herself, on account of me being partnered up with the Great White Buddha.

And she knew just what she had to do. Call about the only guy she was on good terms with from college. The downside was that he lived in Miami. Sometimes she got through, sometimes not. Sometimes he was able to help, sometimes not. It was one of the few things she liked to gamble with.

Besides her life. Or what there was of it.

Dial the numbers. Wait through the ringing. “Dexter Morgan.”

“Hey,” Dani said, slipping back into the lingo she’d used while attending school in Florida.

“Dani. Hi.” Now, it was usually pretty tough to tell with Dex, but there was a hint of discomforture in his voice. “How’s everything?”


“That well, huh?”

“I don’t mean to pry, Dex, but am I interrupting? ‘Cause I can call back later.” Dexter’s sister (whose name escaped her at the moment) had always asked Dani if Dani and Dexter were going to be an item. I think she was afraid me and Dexter were taking time with her father that she wanted to have.

“It’s okay. You’ve met Rita. So what’s up?”

“I’ll call back,” Dani said, and hung up before he could argue – and Dexter was never any good at arguing. Scaring the crap out of bullies, sure, particularly when he got that look in his eyes…but not arguing.

Letting go of the phone, Dani rested her back against the wall and slid down til her bottom was flush with the floor. “Seems like everyone else has someone,” she muttered. Dexter had Rita. Charlie had girls (she didn’t want to know the number).

And all she had were bouts of self-punishment (picking up all those men)…and the bottle.

2 Jack Reese

The day they’d closed the case with the murdered teens – whose mother had been relieved that there was someone (Dani) to speak Farsi to her – Dani waited until she got home to even give a spare thought to what there was to do.

The dishes could wait another day, as could the fridge (after seeing those kids in the store, buying milk wasn’t at the top of her list, nowhere close). And she’d just vacuumed the other day, so there was no hurry there either.

That left the phone.

It was an old Reese tradition. Her father had said that he’d done it as a boy, and that her grandfather claimed to have done it as well, if not with a telephone.

One hour, tops, of you saying anything you wanted. No repercussions, no criticisms, nobody bringing it up later. There were still things she didn’t say, events and items she didn’t mention. But to get anything off her chest, was good. It was healthy to talk about these things.

Dani called her dad.

3 Amita Ramanujan

“I know you,” Dani said as she and Crews took a shortcut through the SoCal campus from the murder scene to their car.

“Dani Reese, right?” the other woman asked.

“Amita Ramanujan, good to see you. How are you?”

“Pretty good. And…well, I think Charlie’s trying to propose.”

Dani’s head twisted right quick to stare at Crews, who was gobsmacked, flatfooted, speechless.

“Charlie Eppes,” Amita said, hoping she hadn’t stepped in something just now.

“Oh right,” Dani said, remembering. The two of them – Dani and Amita – had gone to college together, were inseperable. After they’d graduated, one had stayed in college to do post-doc work and try to impress the cute math teacher. The other had gone on to become a cop, and slowly forgot all about said teacher. “Congratulations.”

“Thanks. I think I sent you a copy of his book.”

“I tried reading it…it didn’t really make sense. Sorry.”

“Who’s Charlie Eppes?” Crews asked.

“You don’t know Professor Charlie Eppes?” Amita asked, curious.

“I don’t,” Crews confirmed.

“Long story,” Dani said before he could elaborate or Amita could ask.
The End
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