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(Meta) What do the Ori want?

I'm taking part in a discussion over at Ultranos_Fic's lj site, and amidst the discussion as to how the Ori would best handle Earth...

And I realize that the SG1 series has presented us with two pictures of what the Ori want.

On one hand, the first and only time that we get to see and hear an Ori, we (and Daniel) are told that the Ori are infinitely wiser than humans, and are higher in the long ladder of ascendancy -- and because of those factors, the Ori demand the respect that is due them, due them from those species and civilizations lower in the ladder.

On the other hand, when Daniel - and even the Priors in our galaxy talk - we are told that the Ori must be worshipped as gods.

Now, is this a failing on the part of Daniel and the Priors, an inability to conceive of things between "gods" and "humans"?

Or is it a case of the scriptwriters saying "wait, that's not that bad really...we need to make the Ori despotic, quick!"

Tags: meta, ori, orii, plot bunny, sg-1, sg1, stargate
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