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Robin Hood -- the biggest problem (with the series) yet

spoilers in this post, behind the LJ Cut.

Now, I can allow some hand-waving here and there...but now the writers for 'Robin Hood' are going too far...

The problem concerns Marion, daughter of the former Sheriff, and sole claimant to Knighton Hall.

Now, I was startled by her practicing what looked a little like tai chi, but at only fifteen seconds of it, we can say it's an Anglo-Saxon exercise with coincidental similarities to the Chinese exercise.

But when Marion starts talking back to her father, the plausibility suspenders are stretched to the breaking point. Marion states that it's up to her what she does, because she says that it'd be on her own neck.

When her father tries to get her to see reason, she tells him that he fears for his own neck.


I told my tv, "Tell me, Marion; if you die, who is next in line to inherit Knighton Hall?"

For that matter, has Marion's family inhabited Knighton Hall for so little time that the place has no meaning for her?

One other matter -- so now Robin's taken to threatening the lives of tax inspectors and the inspectors' families if said people don't surrender state secrets? You might've started out with noble intentions, Robin, but you're becoming harder and harder to distinguish from a terrorist.
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