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Robin Hood meta (revised)

Four things...

I realize I'm a touch late, but I'm making up for it by holding a marathon today - the final two eps of series 1 & the first two eps of series 2.

1. So far, I'm just on the talks with the actors and crew...which are interesting and quite surprising.

Ie, in an interview, one of the guys behind the series said that they made their [version of] Guy of Gisbourne to be like Robin - to be that close to have become Robin.

Has anyone ever ficced that? A realm where Guy is the People's Hero and Robin is in league with the Sheriff?

2. Maybe it's just because I came here from the Highlander fandom, wherein one episode ("a glass darkly"?) made us realize that the entire series has been shown from the perspective of the Hero of the series.

As a result of that, I can't help but wonder what things in the series are less black-and-white than Robin is seeing them as.

(at odd moments, I wonder how many of the plots to kill the King are real, and how many are just in Robin's head)
ahhh, now that would be entertaining -- we learn that the series has been a set of recollections by an aged and bitter Robin many many years down the line. Certainly, it would answer/explain some of the things in the show.

3. One must admit, though, that Robin's explanations can be a bit threadbare at times -- he realizes that Guy tried to kill the King because Robin saw it in a dream makes sense as a chain of logic back then...but Guy can turn around and say, "Yes, I admit, I was in the Holy Land briefly, and in the company of my King -- but that was because I had a dream warning me that you, Robin, would attempt to kill the King."

3. I just hope that the second series of Robin Hood has more than just The Redemption Of Sir Guy as a plot or subplot (not that that's a bad plot).

I mean...maybe I misunderstand the theme of Robin Hood, but isn't one of the themes that of fighting injustices in the social order?

If I recall series 1 correctly, Robin's been assuming that, just because they grew up together, he will be the one to marry Marian (and she calls him on that assumption, I think). Him and Marian are both part of the same class - wouldn't a greater impact come from the show giving us Much/Marian or Will/Marian? (if they're going to insist on having a rival to Guy)

As for what I think (hope?) may happen in series 2 and 3...

* Robin starts to realize that even King Richard has shortcomings.

* a Middle Easterner, tired of being interrupted while he's doing complex maths, says "one day, you'll have to do this too"
(yes, bad Algebra joke)

* Marian realizes that she's been stringing Robin along just like she's been stringing Guy along.

* Djaq gets her own episode. (or two or eight)

* Prince John gave us the Magna Carta; King Richard gave us involvement in France and the Holy Land. (I've heard it suggested that Richard didn't really like England all that much)

* we see a heresy.

* Chess arrives in England.

4. Somebody needs to realize that outlaw already means that anybody can kill Robin without fear of legal action (heck, Martin Luther himself was declared outlaw)...there's no need for the Sheriff or Prince John to say "from now on, anyone can kill an outlaw," because that was already understood.

sorry, had to add that bit.
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