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Robin Hood, 1st two eps, series 2

My brief review of the first two eps:

Ep 2.01 -

*Ah yes, and Marian's little impulsiveness comes back to bite her in the house. ;)
(it would've been bad to leave him standing at the altar - but to meet him at the alter & then bolt? pft)

* when the box opened a little, I had two throughts:
- when the box opened, I asked "can a Chameleon Circuit make a TARDIS seem horizontal?"
- when there was that hissing sound, I thought "Dragon?"

* your threat would be scarier, lady, if you didn't say the Prince was going to burn down all of Nottingham (by Dalek? or hire Nine?) and then say you'd hang all the children. *sighs* amateurs. ;)

* and Djaq sees right through Alan's deception. (even before seeing the bright red velvet(?) moneybag)

Ep 2.02 -
to make room for Numb3rs, I cleared fifteen minutes of empty space from after this ep - which meant I had to leap through the ep in 5-minute jumps...and I thought I saw, for a fraction of a second, Djaq walking through the Castle hallway, in a shiny yellow dress.
(yes, Firefly definition)

* yes! I was right, it was Djaq!

* question - why didn't they make sure the master architect stayed living in the castle? (rather than let him live out in the middle of nowhere, where Robin could get him?)

* I can't help but it a coincidence of names, or is he related to the Holy Roman Emperor who rented Jerusalem from his buddy the lord of Egypt?

* if I had a ha'penny for every time Guy wanted to break that Count's'd recompense the Sheriff's losses.
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