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my birthday wishlist

plenty of time ahead, but I should type this down before I forget again. (have I forgotten? did I already do this? if I have, I apologize)
I've been described as "favoring slightly odd pairings" (if nobody actually said that, I apologize - the voices in my head must be getting louder) the extra months might help.

so, with no further adu? - adeu? - ado?...without wasting further space:

* Niobe (of Rome) has an adventure. het or gen.
* Dani Reese's best day ever! (of Life). het or gen.
* Sally Sparrow and-or Toshiko Sato (of Doctor Who) as Companion to one of the Doctors (or to the Master). gen or het.
* anybody remember Blind Justice? or Brimstone? some fic for either of them would be terrific. (three guesses what would've been typed) ;)
Tags: birthday, plot bunnies, plot bunny, wish list, wishlist
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