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NCIS/Dexter crossover ficlet

I feel embarassed and more than mostly guilty -- I've been inspired to write this ficlet, from a prompt on someone else's lj. I'm going to let him know it's here, but even so...I feel guilty.

"They died instantly."

"That, is obvious, Tony," Ziva replied. She rather hoped that the blood didn't permeate the plastic wrappings to her rubbers, as she rather liked them. No, not rubbers - boots. No car here. Just a bus ticket. One sort of English with Tony, another with Gibbs, and a third with Ducky. "It is just ducky."

Tony looked at her, and figured it fit, so he didn't say anything. "Not pretty."


"Really?" she was asked by somebody who'd just arrived here, someone standing behind them.

And Tony was more than a little weirded out by the thought that this guy - whomever he is - sounded...grateful? relieved? eager? have heard Ziva say that. They turned as one. "NCIS Agent DiNozzo," he said. "This is -"

"Ziva. Ziva David."

Not 'David. Ziva David'?

"Dexter Morgan. I'm the blood spatter analyst they sent up from Miami."

"Nice to meet you, Dexter. I'm sure we'll get along like water off a duck's back."

"Swimmingly," Tony said reflexively.

"Actually," Dexter said as he looked around at the blood everywhere in this room and the organs splattered not everywhere, keeping Ziva in the corner of one eye at all times, "all the water pools together. After it leaves the duck."

Ziva gave Tony a triumphant look. "Exactly," she told Dexter.
Tags: crossover, dexter, dexter fanfiction, ncis, ncis fanfiction, ziva, ziva david
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