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meme - personalized questions

1. I see you like the Inspector Lynley Mysteries! So: Sharon Small for Girl!Doctor- yes or OMGYES? or no...? :(
Well, I'd rather see her as Romana, Rani, or SUSAN! (OMGYESYESYESYES!)

...but I wouldn't object to Sharon Small being the Doctor.

(nor would I object to Havers and the Doctor working together)

2. Song on your iTunes or whatever with the most times played?
Well, when I'm making a music vid, that gets played most frequently.
but according to my Windows Media Player, the songs with the most stars are "Good for Me" and "You're not Alone" by Amy Grant, and "Your wildest Dreams" by The Moody Blues.

3. Three books you've read over and over again and three books you couldn't finish.
1. My family & other animals, by Gerald Durrell.
2. Going to Extremes, by Nick Middleton.
3. Rivers of Time, by L. Sprague de Camp.

x1. Acorna, by Anne McCaffrey.
x2. Mammoths, by...I never bothered to check, actually.
x3. Darien, by John Prebble.

4. Most embarrassing habit?
some people would say "taking 5-10 minutes to wash my hands," but I like making completely sure. (that and I lose track of time at times) probably staying up too late reading.

5. Tell us a funny childhood memory!
I once got to go to DisneyWorld down in Florida...and we were seeing all the aquatic animals in their tanks...and then my mum tells us that we have to go back to the campground; saying that, despite being only seven steps away from the entrance of the room where they had live manatees!
(it's more funny in the retelling..."we were this close to the manatees, but we had to leave") The good news is that, in the Carolinas, on the way back north, I bought a little manatee that I named Matter.
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