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evil plot bunny: In Plain Sight/Transformers plot bunny

"Okay," Mary said as she and Marshall got into her car, "we good?"

"We good," her car replied.

"Don't look now," Marshall said, "but I think they copied your car. Though why they'd want to be an auto dinosaur is beyond my comprehension."

"Is good car."

"Exactly," Mary agree. "I'm Mary. Who're you?"

"Me Grimlock."

"This' Marshall. Now, Grimlock, there're a few rules while we're keeping Mr. Witwicky safe. Rule number one - if anything happens to my car, like you reshape it or bring it to life - your ass is mine."

Everything in the car was silent. Then, "Grimlock have no ass."

"I don't know," Marshall said to Mary, "which of you is scarier."
Tags: crossover, in plain sight, in plain sight fanfiction, plot bunnies, plot bunny, transformers, transformers fanfiction
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