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Title: "Don't kick that, it hasn't fossilized yet!" :D (Bonekickers/Primeval crossover)

Title: "Don't kick that, it hasn't fossilized yet!" :D

Characters: Gilly, Viv, Dolly, Ben; Helen, Nick, Lester, Stephen, Abby, Connor.
pairing: James/Gilly
Fandom: Bonekickers/Primeval
Summary: How a crossover might work.
Series: none.
Author's Note: I guess she kept her surname for academic reasons.


Location: the Countryside outside Leeds:

"Torc number twelve," Viv said as she used the toothbrush to scrape the matrix from the metal. "Rich guy."

"Gal," Dolly said alongside her.

"Right, the pelvis. Sorry."

"No 'sorry' 'bout it, my loquacious busom."

Viv was silent for a bit before "Huh."

"Too much?" having known a few unfortunates slapped with sexual harrassment suits. "Vivian?" when she didn't reply.

"Remember that bit with the Cross?"

"Hard to forget."

"I could be wrong, but I think that'll pale before this."

"Why? What'd you -" stopping cold when he saw what she'd mostly unearthed. "Fenstrae, orbits, the whole thing sanded down too smooth," fully meaning that 'too,' "mandibles..."

"And teeth," Viv said. Big teeth. "And... writing."

"Tthat's impossible."

"But it's here. And this skull's not a fossil."

"Oh dear." The Creationists will have a field day. And not just the White Dove folks, that organization having survived the death of its leader.

"Yeah. It says," and read, "Keep Down."

"Gaelic?" Probably not; more likely another branch of Celtic.

Shaking her head. "English."

"What, Old English?" Not that that helps any really. An unfossilized archosaur bone that'd fallen through to a Celtic-era deposit...

"'Seriously, down.'"

"What?" Dolly asked as he started to ease himself to standing on his knees - freezing when he and Viv heard a breathy growl.

"Tell me," Viv said, hushed, "Gilly's got a sense of humour."

Like this? "Not that I've seen."


A Tad Later:

"If you're waiting," Gilly said to Nick Cutter and his team, "for me to apologize for killing your pets -"

"It would be," Lester said, just now arriving, "a nonneccessity and a complete waste of waiting."

"James," Gilly said; Viv looked askance at her - she'd never heard the boss use that warm of a tone before. Ever.

"Gillian," Lester said with a similarly-startling effect on his own underlings. "Good show on creature."

"Acanthostega," Nick said.

"You're much welcome. Let's say you do dinner this week."

"More'n fair enough," Lester replied.

Abby hummed a few bars of the Twilight Zone. Connor rolled his eyes.

"Now, do we pick the kids up from your sister's before or after?"

Before an answer could be provided, Ben flew out, landing and skidding to a stop in the humus-y muck.

"Watch the hands!" Helen said commandingly as Dolly guided her out to the groups. "Hello, Nick. To the group commanders, "Afternoon, Mr. and Mrs. Lester?" Stephen nearly lost his lunch then and there.

"Mrs. Cutter," James Lester said. "What a frank and unsurprising surprise to find you here."

"I followed the 'stegid."

"And why is that?"

"I was hungry." To his wife, "It's a pleasure to meet you. I'm familiar with your works."

"Thank you," Gilly said. "Though my mother was a bigger fan of your theories than I am."

For which, James thought to himself, I am incredably thankful. He could only imagine the awkwardness otherwise, particularly whenever Mrs. Cutter gets captured.

Nick groaned. Helenfans were never good news, in his opinion; unless they were buxom sophmores - he was willing to make an exception for them.

"I'd do an autograph," Helen said, "but I'm sadly devoid of writing implements."

"How'd you do the skull?" she was asked.

"What skull?" and was pointed to it (it'd been used against the Acanthostegan). "Carved, by the looks of it. But I haven't carved it...yet."

"So?" Nick asked.

"So we have to let her go," Gilly said.

Smiling innocently, Helen nodded.

"Do something, Lester!" Nick said.

"Oh *now* you want me to throw my weight around, is that it?" Lester asked rebukingly. To Gilly, "This is unquestionably your jurisdiction, my dear, and I have no quarrel."

"She can't be allowed," Nick said to Gilly, referring to Helen, "to just go off on her own!"

I won't risk the deaths of my friends, Gilly knew, by messing with a time loop. "Then why don't we send you along with her, Mr. Cutter, to keep an eye on her?"

"What? No!"

"Why not?" Helen asked, purring and amused. "I've been trying to get you to come with me on vacation since the day we met, Nick."
The End
Tags: bonekickers, bonekickers fanfiction, crossover, humor, humour, primeval, primeval fanfiction
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