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"Within the Fishbowl" (NCIS ficathon fic)

Title: Within the Fishbowl.

Author: Keenir

Proofreader: Jennifer Marie.
(any and all remaining errors are my own, entered after getting the fic back with suggestions)

Written for: omearalee

Prompt: Ziva, (Kate), Tony, ep: Under Covers

{sorry for not being able to work Kate into it}

Archive: Please archive this at the ficathon’s fic archive. Everyone else, ask please.

Genre: (detective?)
Pairings: teeny tiny inklings of Tony/Ziva if you’re inclined to see it. otherwise, none.

Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: I own none of the canon characters. I own only the characters invented for this story.

Word Count: 2784.

Summary: Ziva and Tony have to investigate a murder aboard a facility built to simulate a trip to Mars. This is their side of the investigation.
Tags: ncis, ncis fanfiction, space, tony, ziva, ziva david
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