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LiA: "A Briberous Admission" PG

this was perhaps inevitable, and someone's probably already written something to this effect (maybe not involving Mrs. Bennett), but still...

Title: A briberous admission.
author: Keenir.
Fandom: Lost In Austen.
Summary: Amanda Price is about to play what may be her last card, and she hopes it works.
She stepped into the sitting room, where only one person aside from herself was at present, and shutting the door behind her, and was asked, "Mrs. Bennet," Amanda Price asked her. "Please, sit."

The lady of the house made no motion to oblige. "My husband informs me that you wish to speak to me." It was just the two of them in the room.

"I do," she said, knowing that she can't sit on her own - as that'd be rude, dismissive ... even alienating, which would work counter to what she needed to convince Mrs. Bennet of.

"Despite that I instructed you to ready your things for your departure."

"Oh I'm all packed. But I'd be remiss if I left without ..." without - oh what was that word? yeah! "Without an accounting to you of why I've done all I've done... with Mr. Collins and ev'rybody else."

Mrs. Bennet considered this. "Very well, as I do enjoy explanations," and sat down.

Amanda sat down beside the folded blankets. Probably best if I don't say I came here from Hammersmith by way of her attic right off. "I ought to start by saying that everything I've done, I've done for the betterment of your daughters." Go ahead, find fault with that - it's what you've been doing.

"Explain," with the unspoken but implicit 'as you promised to.'

"Right. Right. Your daughters've said I've got the powers of an Oracle - you know that, right? Well, here's how I pulled off those predictions," and drew 'Pride and Prejudice' from under the blanket, and handed it to Mrs. Bennet. "It has everything."

Rather than take it, Mrs. Bennet simply looked at it. "Am I to understand it to be some sort of an almanac?"

"More, much more than an almanac," she promised.

"Then when you say it explains 'everything'?" Mrs. Bennet asked.

You want a sensible answer. Sorry, can't give you that. "Please, read this book. It'll explain why I tried to arrange a match between Jane and Mr. Bingley, and why I'd rather have condemned myself to marry Mr. Bennet's cousin than let your daughters suffer -"

"'Suffer?" Thanks to Jane -"

"Read the book, Mrs. Bennet. When you've finished it, I'll leave if you still want me to, and you have my word that you'll never again see or hear from me." Not sure where I'd go if I can't get back hoome, but I need her to read this, no matter how weird or Fourth Wall it is

"This is truth?"

This'll mean more to you, but Jane gave me the idea: "I swear on my Christian name."

Mrs. Bennet snatched the book from Amanda's hand. "That will not be necessary, provided you have been baptized."

"I was," nodding. Now go on and read it!
The End
Tags: lost in austen, lost in austen fanfiction
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