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Leverage fic: "A little more than work"

crossposted to my LJ and to the lj community Leverage_fic (comm newly-created)

Title: A little more than work.
Author: Keenir.
Fandoms: Leverage
Characters/Pairing: Nate/Parker

Rating: K+
Warnings: surprisingly, none.
Spoilers: 1.01
Disclaimer: None of the characters are mine.
Summary: Nothing wrong with enjoying your job.
Sitting in a private office with a back door opening to the beach. Working in shorts and t-shirt with bare feet against the carpet, eyes on the screensaver running on the laptop atop the Japanese table in front of him.

The door slammed open, "I'm sorry sir" said Sophie's in a nice Scots accent, obscured as she was by the guy they were up against - who was quite plainly pissed, or sloshed, depending on where you were from.

Nate looked up from the laptop screen, his expression bored with a measure of irritation at being interupted, meeting the expression of surprise and not-what-I-expected on the other guy's face as he saw 'Nathan Mizer' sitting there with a bikini-ed blonde in a robe leaning against Nate's back, her arms lazily wrapped around his neck, her hands over that spot between his lungs.

"Something I can help you with?" Nate asked.

"Nevermind," the guy said. "Thought - I woulda swore..." and turned and walked away, muttering.

Before she followed him back, Sophie spared a look in the room, and smiled at Nate's ingenuity.

Everything was falling into place, in accordance with the plan, so there was no need or reason to ask Parker to let go or to get off his back... so he didn't. Besides...
The End
Tags: drabble, het, leverage, leverage fanfiction, nate, parker, parker/nate, ship
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