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Holiday fics!

I have never before said this:
DIE! DIE! DIE! how the frack did Obama become my lj icon default? who's been frelling with LJ????????????????????????????????????////

*ahem* yes, back in calmer waters...

this was written for me:
* Surprise! (Primeval, Helen/Lester) Primeval Secret Santa.
* I am one such dream (Being Human) Yuletide fic exchange.

other Holiday gifts from me:
* From sea to shining sea (Primeval, mild Connor/Abby)
* One of the Lost (Primeval/Land of the Lost)

the Torchwood/4400 vid will be posted as soon as I finish it. soon.

my donations to the Yuletide exchanges, will be kept silent, until I am told I can say what I wrote. (if you guess correctly, you get a free ficlet from me)
Tags: 4400, 4400 fanfiction, being human, being human fanfiction, crossover, gift, gifts, holiday, holidays, land of the lost, land of the lost fanfiction, meme, present, presents, primeval, primeval fanfiction, the 4400, the 4400 fanfiction, torchwood, torchwood fanfiction, vid, vids
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