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"Dinner" a Dresden&April fic

Title: “Dinner for two, no, three”
Author: Keenir
Fandom: The 4400 / The Dresden Files
Summary: Harry Dresden is having dinner with Mai, when April Skouris arrives.

Rating: PG-13
Characters: April Skouris, Harry Copperfield Blackstone Dresden, Ancient Mai.

Genre: humor, PWP.
Spoilers: Storm Watch (the Dresden book); minor spoilers for most of the Dresden tv series. Fifty-fifty and very minor spoilers for the few other April episodes of The 4400.

Disclaimer: None of these are mine. I’m writing this for my own enjoyment, and I hope others enjoy it too.

Author’s Note: The scary thing is, this grew out of a Marco/Toshiko (4400/Torchwood) crossover.

“The Council convened and, you’ll be happy to know that they’re concerned about you,” Mai was telling me, “you being the last scion of the Morningway family.” She was still talking, but it was hard to listen – is Mai wearing perfume? Mai sitting across from me in an expensive restaurant (she picked it, gave me no option but to attend)…I’m so dead.

Just then, my savior arrives, pulling up a chair and plopping down in it; “Water, please?” April asks the waiter. “Hi, Harry,” she says to me as she pulls in her chair.

“Uh, hi,” I manage. I know better than to ask how she found me – April’s always been good at finding things, people, dates. She could put Bob out of a job – just in that regard, mind you – if she were to try.

I look at Mai, a question on my face…a question she’s not answering. For all I know, she cast a spell when I wasn’t listening, making her invisible to everyone but me. I’m not saying its so, but it might explain what just happened.

My name is Harry Dresden. I’m a wizard – it says so on my business cards and in the phone book. Yes, I’m in the phone book…I’m the only wizard listed, so I don’t get too many calls from folks who mean to dial one of the other guys.

The young woman who just sat down is April Skouris, an old friend of mine. No, not old as in her birthday cake lists centuries. And no, not someone I knew back when I was a kid or even a teenager. I’ve known April for years, and even now, she knows less about magic than Murphy. Come to think of it, she knows nothing about Murphy, and the lovely detective doesn’t know about April. I know I sound like a cheating husband when I say that, but trust me: I haven’t, with either of them.

Ancient Mai is…Ancient Mai. Trust me, she gives new meaning to the term ‘complicated.’

April looks up from her water to me, looking at my nose…I always used to ask her not to look into my eyes. Used to say I had a medical condition. “I’m pretty, aren’t I, Harry?”

Mai starts laughing silently, and now I know why she’s been so quiet: she doesn’t object to watching me facing awkward situations. Awkward, surprising, fly balls out of left field…

“Sure you are, April, though…I…”

April smiles at me. “Its okay, Harry. I’m not looking for a rebound or anything. After what I’ve just been through, I needed to hear that I’m pretty…needed to hear it from a straight man who’s not drunk and still has all his marbles.”

Careful, Mai, you’ll hurt yourself. If I’m right about Mai and her nature, side-splitting laughter isn’t a good idea in a public place like this.

“Always happy to help,” I say to April. “You need a place to stay?”
The End
Tags: crossover, dresden files fanfiction, the 4400, the 4400 fanfiction
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