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Meme: 15 OTPs...

EDIT: I forgot to enter five said 15, not 10. sorry everyone. my bad.

meme found at AJ's lj...
Right, whatever, have a meme.

Pick up to 15 otp's. Describe them in 15 words or less. Others must guess the otp!

US tv:
She'll guide you in, he'll help you out.
2. Not even the motion of time can keep them apart for long.

Canadien/Canadian & US tv:
3. The tortoise and the mayfly. hint: the Bronze Age

UK tv:
4. Californian + Northerner = fun.
5. King of weevils, queen of, er. a clue: part of this line is a typo. Owen Harper/Diane (Torchwood) Pimpmytardis & sunnytyler001 got this.
6. Because "torchwood" is such a lovely name for a girl. Marco Pacella/Toshiko Sato (Torchwood/The 4400) Fififolle got it right.

US tv:
7. He's hoping to rejoin his wife, and she's offered to be his wife - not that his wife knows.

UK tv:
8. He's very nearly a triune being, but his wife doesn't mind the company any more.

US(?) tv:
9. He turned away a queen for her & she'll never know.

US tv:
10. She'll eat you alive, which is okay since he's dead anyway.
11. Is snark kosher, officer?
12. The communications officer and the multihued rebel leader. hint: this series had two spin-off series & an online sequel.
13. He's retired & she's proof that blood isn't the only thing the Irish can get flaming.

UK tv:
14. A protective officer & a native foreigner who thought she could read people.
15. Don't look through her, and he won't rip your throat out when that time comes 'round.

yeah, I probably didn't hold to the "15 words" limit too well. sorry.
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