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Being Human ficlet: "Human Instinct"

Title: Human Instinct
(speculation as to what will be in Episode Two)

Author: Keenir
Movie-verse / Series-verse: Series.
Spoilers: 1.01
Pairing(s): none
Character(s): George,
167 words
POV: George’s.
Rating: Mature.
Disclaimer: None of them are mine.
Warnings: George’s thoughts.

Summary: George is confronted by the greatest human urge: the need to belong to something.

Author's notes: This is based on the preview for 1.02. The “it” is a term I picked up, referring to the Other Self of George.

“Well, George?” I’m asked, with the others scattered around the room. Plenty of room. No need to escape.

I stand here and think it over.

Mitchell and Annie’re my friends. Well, Annie is at least; too soon to tell about Mitchell, after what he did to...

Friends or not, I’ll always be on the inside of the cage, and they’ll be on the outside. Even if the cage is just a figure of speech most of the time, there’ll always be that little bit of caution and unease. And, once a month, the caging will be real.

But here, here I could have the company of others who share my affliction. Not sure yet whether we’ll have neighboring cages, or if our its don’t try to kill each other.

No well-meaning jokes about ripping heads off during our time of the month, no patronizing smiles. Just me and the lads.

Me and my pack.

Yeah. “I’m in,” I answer, and I grin at the cheers around me.

The end
Tags: 1.01, 1.02, being human, being human fanfiction
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