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Numb3rs ficlet: "For him she would" (Don/Robin)

Title: For him she would
For Numb3rs100’s prompt of “#009:Future” (it was originally #001, but then I realized it said “conversation,” not “conversion”)
pairing: Don/Robin
Characters: Robin, Don
Word count: 299
spoilers: Arrow of Time, Trouble in Chinatown
rating: PG-15/PG-17
disclaimer: None of the characters are mine.
summary: “We all make sacrifices for the ones we love. The only question should be if it is too much or not enough.”

Author’s note: Ever have a plot bunny standing right at the edge of vision, the corner of your eye? This one’s been there since last Friday.

(and there may be influence from the tv-movie "Loving Leah" in part of it)


They’d ended up at her place that night. And in the morning, Don got up to fix them breakfast.
And there was silence.

Robin tossed on a robe and padded out, finding Don standing at the fridge with its door open. “Bad?” she asked.

“Not bad, not one bit,” Don said, seeing the fridge divided in two, with all the kosher products on one side, with the other home to things that needed verification. Looking over his shoulder to her, “But why?” This’ your place, your fridge.

“I wanted to,” Robin said. Knowing Don’s propensity for making light of things, she added, “It gave me the excuse to clean out my fridge and to get the oven done.”

“Well I would’ve helped you empty your fridge,” Don said.

“I know. But I wanted it to be a surprise.”

“Well it’s definitely that,” with an approving grin.

We all make sacrifices for the ones we love,Robin had mused at the time. The only question should be if it is too much or not enough. “Something?” Robin asked.

“All this…it’s a bit Orthodox,” Don said. “Or Ultra-Orthodox.”

Yeah, the cleaning service guys said that those are their usual customers. “Really? I wasn’t sure, so I figured...just to be sure.”

“C’mere you,” Don said, coming over and pulling Robin in for a hug, which progressed to a strong kiss, which progressed to
The end

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