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Being Human ep review (1.02)

* hm, with that description of the change-over, I think I'll stick with the Neuri...on short notice, a Wyr will do. (from the "Crossroads" books by Nick O'Donohoe)

* "its a chicken on a string." I swear, if nobody icons that, I shall be disappointed. ;)

* so, is it really true about having to be invited over the threshhold? or was she just yanking his chain? (and if she was, he played along to a degree with the "I will not invite you in")

- question: now that he's invited her in the once, can she come and go whenever she wants, or does she have to be invited each time?

* they're called 'snowstorms'? over here, they're called 'Snow Globes'.

* ah yes, the Woman Initially Repulsed By Fake Tough-Guy Acting But Charmed And Attracted By The Real And Tender Side Of The Guy. well, I suppose its better than a second week of is introduced to us only for her to die.

* when they first arrived at the abandoned place, I thought "they can't change there - it has windows." (I doubt a pane of glass will be a barrier to something of their mass)

* strange that Annie didn't mention the weird conversation she witnessed, even to Mitchell. not even when she saw the DVD of that guy being killed.

* last week, (I know I didn't say it, but still), I was hoping that this Tully wouldn't turn out to be the one who changed George - we'd just met Herrick (who'd changed Mitchell) and learned of Annie's death.

* when George came across the hanging body, I had two thoughts:
- denied the pack, it takes the Yilane solution: let death come.
- ah, food for George's need for a chicken now.

* "you can check out any time you like," and his eyes were all-black for a bit.

next time:
* "You've got a problem or something?" uh, yeah, you could say that of George. ;)
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