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Numb3rs drabble: "Floors, dates, and missing floors"

Title: Floors, dates, and missing floors.
With the #023:Connection for Numb3rs100
Author: Keenir
Spoilers: Trouble in Chinatown, Trust Metric.

Pairing(s): faint reference to Colby/Alice Chen
Character(s): David, Colby
Word count: 200
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: None of them are mine.
Summary: The past is ever-present, as are numbers…even in a stairwell on the job.

Author's notes: Yes, there really are such things as skyscrapers without the fourth floor (in China, at least) and without the thirteenth floor (in the US, at least).

Liz and Nikki were taking the elevator, waiting in position for David and Colby to make sure the suspect wouldn’t be escaping out the stairwell. “Huh,” David said, him and Colby pausing for a few seconds to catch their breath before they resumed their upwards charge.

Knowing what was going through his partner’s mind,“That’s the fifth floor,” Colby said. So says the sign on the door.

“Yeah, and we just passed the third floor exit,” David said. So said the sign on that door.

Only one explanation came to mind: “Building owner’s superstitious,” he said.

“Got it,” David said. “Kinda like how out East, there’s skyscrapers with no 13th floor, you know?”

Colby sighed. “How many times do we gotta go over this, man? I’ve never been to China.”

“East Coast - New York, Maryland, Virginia. Though I bet you’ve got a few Chinese adventures you’re keeping close to your chest.”

“For the last time, I’m not telling you about my date last night.”


“Used to imagine what skyscrapers like that would be like, though. The upper floors just sitting there in mid-air.”

“Great for earthquake zones.”

“But horrible for anyone running up the fire escape,” anyone like us.
The end
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