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Merlin fic: "Of songs and truthfulhoods"

Title: 04: Of songs and truthfulhoods.

Author: Keenir

This fits and matches Item #37: Gwen, gen, song.

Dedicated to: anyone who can read Old English.

(for the rest of us, I put the translation in italics)
Old English poem from the book “The Unfolding of Language” by Guy Deutscher.
Spoilers: 1.01-1.05
Pairing(s): courtly Gwen/Lancelot {which makes it Gen, yes?)

Character(s): Lancelot, fellow traveler
Word count: 481
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: None of them are mine. Well, Priam is, but he's welcome to anyone who'd like to use him; just send me a link so I can visit.

Summary: Lancelot does not hesitate to expound on Gwen’s greatness, nor does he stint.

Author's notes: I just hope I’m not making the world’s worst pun or play on words. Old English experts, forgive me my transgression.

the story is here
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