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amusing romance books that you can't find anywhere

Madripoor-rose directed me to this do-it-yourself Harlequin site (which is actually kinda fun)

She didn't know which was more dangerous....

....the case that had brought hopelessly romantic Helen Cutter to the Australian Outback, or the six-foot-three military man, who was far too sexy for anyone's good. Everything about Tom Ryan screamed Warning! Danger! So why was Helen Cutter—a super successful businesswoman—letting her guard down with the handsome heartbreaker?

(it was that or super-mom)


The moment wealthy tycoon Harry Dresden returns to New York City and sees the black-haired, green-eyed boy, his faith is shattered. He knows the child is his late brother's son. But why has the boy been kept a secret? He demands answers from the boy's adoptive mom, Connie Murphy. But the modest world's greatest mom isn't forthcoming. And once Harry Dresden learns the truth behind the birth, he understands. Especially when some family matters get more than complicated. Harry Dresden knows he just has to hang on to tight to this hopelessly romantic gal and keep showing her that his wish is true-blue: to be a daddy—and husband—for keeps.

(stop laughing, Ancient Mai, or you're next!) (and, technically speaking, Harry *is* wealthy - Murphy says so)
Tags: ancient mai, connie murphy, dresden files, helen, helen cutter, humor, humour, murphy, primeval, ryan, the dresden files
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