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Numb3rs drabbles: the Assistance series

Title: Colby’s fluency
The “Assistance” duology.
#001:Conversation (numb3rs100)
Author: Keenir
Word count: 129
Pairing/Characters: Colby Granger, Alice Chen
Rating/Category: missing scene (er, ep)

Summary: Mention of surfing and fluency.

Notes: Came up with this when I wondered “where was Colby last week?”

“You surf?” Agent Mancuso asked in a hushed voice as they reached the top of the stairwell and entered the corridor.

“Yeah,” Colby said. “You?” to which Mancuso nodded. “How ‘bout you?” he asked Agent Chen.

“I hate the beach. And just so we’re clear,” Alice said, holding up a hand so the team’d stop before they got to the door. “When you said you knew some Khmer, how much is that?” Too late anyway – no translators at hand in the area.

“Words aren’t a problem,” Colby assured her, having learned from a buddy in Afghanistan. “It’s the syntax that trips me up.”

“How bad?” concerned. “If it were English…?”

“I’d say I pretty very good speaking. Very.”

Alice waited a moment before telling him, “I’ve heard worse.”

The end

Title: Her reason number 1
The “Assistance” duology.
Author: Keenir
#165:victim (numb3rs100)
Word count: 137
Pairing/Characters: Colby Granger, Alice Chen
Rating/Category: missing scene (er, ep)

Summary: Why Alice Chen hates the beach.

Notes: Came up with this when I wondered “where was Colby last week?”
…the scene itself, echoes an episode of ‘John Doe.’
Warnings: bad language (once)
“I appreciate this,” Alice said.

“Not a problem,” Colby said as they strode down the docks towards the shipping containers their apprehended smuggler had confessed to using. “Happy to help. In the interests of inter-departmental cooperation, of course.”

“Yes,” believing all of that. “Agent Eppes simply asked that I return you in one piece.”

“That was nice of him.”

“I thought so too,” and gave a nod to her fellow agents at the latching mechanism to the shipping crate.

The doors were opened, and seawater poured out. There weren’t several dozens of girls in there, dead, but clearly enough for that arrested shit to have felt it was worthwhile to smuggle into the States.

“This is why,” Agent Chen said as the water flowed away, leaving their shoes and the girls to dry, “I hate the beach.”

The end

Title: Arrested dates.
Sequel to the “Assistance” duology. Coda to this week’s ep.
#006:third person (numb3rs100)
Author: Keenir
Word count: 269
Pairing/Characters: Colby Granger, Alice Chen, the waitress from the Spike episode.
Rating/Category: coda.
Summary: Colby’s date takes a turn for the very worse – but only for the date. There’s still Alice.

Notes: this is what happens when you try to reconcile shipping tendancies with potentially jossing scenes onscreen.

Warnings: very bad Hokkien Chinese word. Rough English translation is provided.
“Really?” Colby asked the waitress who’d described him as a roast beef guy.

She nodded. “What do you think?”

“I think you’re under arrest,” shaking his head while he made her stand up so he could cuff her. She saw me and David flash our badges, and she still thought she could confide in me about…about what she just said? “Come on,” and led her outside. Into his lapel microphone, “We’re coming out,” he said to the Immigration people who’d asked for FBI assistance in rounding up the last remnants of a lethally anti-immigrant group.

And this waitress was the last of them.

Some undercover assignments were more fun than others. In a few – like this one – you could almost be yourself. You could go on a date under your own name, and hope the intelligence gathered was wrong.

One of the waitress’ eyes was looking at Colby and the other at Agent Chen who was getting out of the company car, smiling at Colby,; the waitress turned her head and spat at Colby. “Tzup jeng you bastard!”

This assignment was swiftly becoming more and more unpleasant.

“Your Hokkien accent needs work, Valley Girl 2 8 8,” Colby said as he handed her over to the waiting agents. Not to mention you were more than a little redundant.

Knowing that look on Colby’s face, Alice told him while she handed him a hankerchief, “Want to grab an ice cream? There wasn’t enough free time to get a pizza or anything else that would untangle all the knots in Colby, but ice cream was always relaxing.

“Lead on,” he invited.
The end

Title: Go east, young couple
Sequel to the sequel to the “Assistance” duology.
#009:Future (numb3rs100)
Author: Keenir
Word count: 129
Pairing/Characters: Colby Granger, Alice Chen
Rating/Category: PG

Summary: Colby takes Alice back to Idaho.
Warnings: my Alice muse thought it was amusing how the stereotype gets flipped around.

Colby Granger had done it: he was bringing Alice home to meet his parents and all his relatives. “You okay?”

“Fine,” Alice said. “You’re sure there wasn’t a parking lot near where your parents work?”

“There never was one there.”

“Just checking.”

“What? Would I make you walk unnecessarily?”

“You’re not walking behind me, so probably not. Though after last night –“ and kissed his nose, smiling.

“We’re here,” Colby said, and they stopped.

Alice looked around, then her eyes – widening as they took in the sign over the door – turned to look at her fiancée. “You are kidding me, right?” Alice asked.

“Nope,” Colby said, holding her close to reassure her.

The sign read _Granger Family Laundry Service_. “Opened in 1905. All the washing is done by Grangers.”
The end
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