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Burn Notice fic: "Thanking you"

Title: “Thanking you”
Character: Michael, Carla.
Word Count: 197
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Carla and Michael have a little chat about that Haitian episode.
Beta: None.
Author’s Note: Just a little hunch I had about who those friends were that he mentioned.
Between this and my last fic, I’m noticing that my Carla muse likes to add final sentances to what I’ve written.

Disclaimer: I don’t own Burn Notice or anything related to it.

The next time Michael saw her, it wasn’t in his loft or out at an office or a beachside bench. “Carla, what a surprise,” Michael said.

“Hello, Michael,” Carla said, sitting on the stairs leading up to the door to his loft. “And congratulations.”

“On what?” shutting the gate behind him. “Not getting killed?”

“We all dodge death on a regular basis, Michael.”

Then she doesn’t know about Victor, Michael thought to himself, or she’s damned good at hiding it. Since either could be true, he set that aside for now. “Then what’s the congratulations for?” curious.

“For solving your recent case.”

“You mean that whole playing dress-up that you frown on?” Michael asked.

Carla gave him a playful smile. “Who did you think sent him your way? I understand he and the Haitian government are quite pleased at how everything transpired with Mr. ‘Luc’.”

“You sent him?” Michael repeated.

“You did ask me what we wanted you for. I decided to give you a taste – though, as it was on my own initiative, it could have ended very ugly had you not been successful.”

“You’re welcome.”

She kissed him on the cheek on the way out.
The end
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