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Leverage crackfic: "the Nate & Maggie crackfic job"

Title: the Nate & Maggie crackfic job

Author: Keenir
Leverage Characters: Parker, Maggie, Hardison, Sophie, Eliot, Nate,
Rating/Category: Mature / Crackfic.
Spoilers: 1st & 2nd David Job.

Summary: Nate and Maggie try to have a smutty moment, but between a game and fear of the team, its not easy.

(I think I has committed crackfic)


Nate had brought Maggie – entirely willingly – up to the plush bed for a romantic night, just the two of them. They had gotten as far as standing at the edge of the bed, when, “Wait,” Maggie said.

Nate stifled a groan.

“How do we know nobody’s watching?”

Reasonable question, Nate felt. “Basically, because of mutually assured destruction. Each of us can retaliate against anybody who intrudes on our privacy.”

“Which among thieves of their caliber…” and Maggie whistled. “Fair enough,” and gently pushed Nate onto the bed. Maggie fell atop him, and froze.

“Problem?” Nate asked, looking into her eyes.

“Thought I saw someone in the air vent.”

“Parker?” Nate called.

“Here,” Parker replied.

...but not from in the wall.

She was under the bed.

“What are you doing there?”

“Hiding,” Parker said.

I know I’m going to regret this, but, “Why are you hiding?” Maggie asked.

“We’re playing hide and seek.”

“Yeah well, we found you,” Nate said. “Now get out.”

“Are you decent?”

The question threw Nate for a turn, considering Parker’s attitude towards changing. Then again, maybe its just for cons, that she’s like that, he considered.

“At the moment, Parker,” Maggie said. “I can’t promise how much longer I can keep him from reenacting a bodice-ripper.”

“You don’t wear a bodice,” Parker said, and came out from under the bed. “Bye,” she said, waving – fingers going up and down – as she left the room.

“Parker,” Nate said before she was gone.

“No,” Parker said. “You’re pretty, but no.”

Maggie raised an eyebrow.

“I was going to say,” Nate said, “What was in the air vent, if you were under the bed?” And please don’t say Eliot.

“Just a rat,” and was gone, door shut.
The end
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