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Being Human ep review (1.06) season finale

an observation -
so far, all the supernatural elements in the series...they're all human-based. Annie used to be human, George and Mitchell were converted from being human. so we haven't seen something that, at no point was ever human - no Perytons or Genii.

the question is....will that continue into s2 ?

thoughts -
* "just bad men" aw c'mon, George. (or has he seen the Dr Who episode Curse of Fenric, and thinks that, if the priest's faith is threatened, the priest will die?)

* When Herrick told Mitchell "I was going to give you South America," my mind flashed right to The Dresden Files books, where either the Red Court or Black Court vampires are up to no good in South America.

* I doubt Nina's going to undergo any transformations - if werewolves are true to canine external anatomy, then they're going to have to be very careful with the cameras (even with siloettes)

* calling a Professor, eh?
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